Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Writing to Your Wife - Part 4

Creative Ideas for Letter Delivery

Up the ante by actually mailing the letter to your wife. This may seem silly since you live together, but it will make it a lot more fun if it actually shows up in the mail, so just throw a stamp on it and drop it in a mailbox when you are out and about. Deep down everyone is hoping for a personal letter (or a check!) every time they check the mail, but they rarely come. Make your wife's day by making sure that there is something in the mail other than bills and junk mail every once in a while!

Another fun idea is to mail your wife postcards. This is one that I like to use because I travel so much. Because a postcard has so little space to write on, it does not take long to fill one out, so you can bombard her with multiple postcards mailed out from all the places you pass through on your travels. If you don't travel, you can still mail them home from across town in the course of your business. The only problem with a postcard is that you can't get too personal since  you may have a curious mailman or curious children!

A while back I went to the store and picked up a basic small mailbox that had the classic red flag on the side that can be put up or down. I then installed a padlock onto it and set it on top of the fridge in the kitchen. It is a personal mailbox for the sole purpose of delivering letters to my wife and receiving letters in return. When either of us writes the other a letter, we unlock the mailbox, put the letter in, and raise the flag so that the other will know that there is new mail (usually, we are both too unobservant to notice, so the other will become impatient and start dropping subtle hints about checking the mail).

You could also just put the letter somewhere that you know they will find it, such as on their pillow, in the bathroom cabinet, on the kitchen counter, in the breakfast cupboard, etc.

Check back tomorrow for the beginning of a brand new blog series!


Karen R. said...

This was such a sweet series, can not wait for the next one! My husband travels every week so this gave me some ideas for sure.

Amanda Wright said...

I’m going to send a letter to my husband this week!