Monday, March 25, 2013

Writing to Your Wife - Part 2

Getting started

The first thing you will need is something to write on. Although your wife will be happy that you wrote her a letter even if it is on lined paper that you tore out of a spiral-bound notebook, you might as well do this right if you are going to take the time to do it. Although quality stationary would be ideal, a quick and easy solution to get started is to stop at the store and buy some tasteful blank greeting cards. This will only work if you write small and the card is decent-sized. If you fill the entire card (left and right of the inside and the entire back of the card), you should be able to write a message long enough to have some meat on the bone. I have even found blank cards with multiple pages in them which provided even more writing surface. Fill up all the space so that it will seem like you ran out of space, not that you ran out of content.

Use your best handwriting. Most of us men do not have the greatest handwriting in the world, and that is okay. I am not saying that your handwriting has to be good, I am just saying to do your best.

Now for the hard part: actually writing the letter! What will you write about?

Honestly, you can can write about whatever is on your mind, as long as it is personal and from the heart. You may at some point even use letters to write about something negative or a sensitive subject that you do not want to bring up in conversation for fear of expressing yourself incorrectly or getting into an argument.

For now, though, your goal is just to write a letter that she is going to like. The easiest way to do that is to write a letter filled with compliments and praise. Here are some examples:

- Compliment her appearance (Song of Solomon is very heavy on this)
- Compliment her cooking
- Compliment her parenting
- Compliment her wisdom/knowledge
- Thank her for something nice she has done for you lately
- Talk about how much you enjoy being around her

Here is the key: be specific! None of the above examples will be effective or make for a good letter unless you are very specific. Otherwise, you have written a "note" and not a "letter." You need to go into great detail about each specific point in order to make the letter personal to her and not just a generic love letter.

See the next post for more content ideas...

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